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An apparatus for transmitting data in a base station of a wireless communication system that transmits data depending on channel status information fed back from terminals and uses a plurality of antennas. Based on the channel status information, a scheduler determines a terminal to which the base station will transmit data, determines antennas via which the base station will transmit data among the plurality of antennas, and determines a space pre-coding method. A multiplexer multiplexes transmission data into a plurality of data streams according to the number of the determined antennas. A modulation and coding unit performs modulation and coding on each of the data streams. A pre-coding controller outputs a matrix select signal for selecting one of a plurality of space pre-coding matrixes according to the space pre-coding method.; A space pre-coder spatial-codes each of the coded streams with the matrix selected based on the matrix select signal. An OFDM modulator performs OFDM modulation on each of the spatial-coded streams. An RF unit transmits each of the OFDM-modulated streams via an associated antenna.

Multiple antenna communication system using spatial pre-coding
Application Number
EP20060022705 20061031
Publication Number
1780925 (A2)
Application Date
October 31, 2006
Publication Date
May 2, 2007
Kim Dong Hee
Van Rensburg Cornelius
Lee Ju Ho
Kwon Hwan Joon
Khan Farooq
Han Jin Kyu
Samsung Electronics
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H04L 01/02
H04B 07/08
H04L 01/06
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