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A lancing apparatus includes an inner housing, a firing mechanism, a lancing mechanism and a linkage arm. The firing mechanism is configured for producing a firing force in a first direction. The lancing mechanism is configured for delivering a lancing force in a second direction with the second direction being toward a target site and in opposition to the first direction. The linkage arm is pivotably attached to the housing and has first and second ends engaged to the firing and lancing mechanisms, respectively. During use, pivoting of the linkage arm converts the firing force in the first direction into the lancing force in the opposing second direction.

Compact lancing apparatus
Application Number
EP20060255536 20061027
Publication Number
1779780 (A2)
Application Date
October 27, 2006
Publication Date
May 2, 2007
Sansom Gordon George
Lifescan Scotland
A61B 05/15
A61B 05/15
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