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The hairdryer has a fan actuated by an electric motor to reheat and circulate an air-flow between an inlet end (2) in a housing assembly (1) and an outlet end (3). A device (7) allows the modification of the geometry of the air jet emitted at the outlet end. The outlet end has a rotary control part (8) to drive rotating flaps (23, 24) of the device into movement. The flaps are directly actuated in rotation around an axis perpendicular or inclined with respect to the air-flow by the part during rotary movement of the part around a longitudinal axis of the air-flow.

Hair dryer comprising a device allowing the modification of the geometry of the air flow
Application Number
EP20060356122 20061017
Publication Number
1779745 (A1)
Application Date
October 17, 2006
Publication Date
May 2, 2007
Perez Christophe
A45D 20/00
A45D 20/12
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