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Disclosed is a device for managing electronic program guide (EPG) data in a digital broadcasting reception terminal, which includes an EPG parsing unit for separating EPG data from a received digital broadcast signal; an EPG user interface unit for composing a broadcast guide picture for offering digital broadcast program information using specific one of the EPG data; an EPG management unit for extracting predetermined data from the EPG data to generate a database, for reading specific data from the generated database when receiving a request for the data to compose the broadcast guide picture, and for transferring the read data to the EPG user interface unit; and a memory for storing the EPG data and the generated database under the control of the EPG management unit.; The device generates a separate database for storing and managing the data necessary to compose a broadcast guide picture among the received EPG data, which enables rapid and effective access to the data.

Device and method for managing electronic program guide data in digital broadcasting reception terminal
Application Number
EP20060019759 20060921
Publication Number
1768396 (A2)
Application Date
September 21, 2006
Publication Date
March 28, 2007
Stone Jay L
Park Chang Sul
Samsung Electronics
H04N 05/445
H04N 05/445
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