1767157-A1 is referenced by 213 patents and cites 4 patents.

A surgical instrument (10) for being endoscopically or laparoscopically inserted through a cannula of a trocar into an insufflated body cavity or lumen ("surgical site") for simultaneous stapling and severing of tissue including gripping surfaces on inner surfaces of an upper and lower jaw that enhance use as a grasping instrument to preposition tissue prior to performing a stapling and severing procedure. An illustrative version advantageously includes a separate closure trigger (30) and closure mechanism that facilitates use as a grasper without the possibility for inadvertent firing (i.e., stapling and severing).

Surgical stapling instrument having end effector gripping surfaces
Application Number
EP20060254953 20060925
Publication Number
1767157 (A1)
Application Date
September 25, 2006
Publication Date
March 28, 2007
Shelton Fredrick E
Ethicon Endo Surgery
A61B 17/068
A61B 17/072
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