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When a transition from a first state where one stage (WST1 (or WST2)) is positioned at a first area directly below projection optical system (PL) to which liquid (Lq) is supplied to a state where the other stage (WST2 (or WST1)) is positioned at the first area, both stages are simultaneously driven while a state where both stages are close together in the X-axis direction is maintained. Therefore, it becomes possible to make a transition from the first state to the second state in a state where liquid is supplied in the space between the projection optical system and the specific stage directly under the projection optical system. Accordingly, the time from the completion of exposure operation on one stage side until the exposure operation begins on the other stage side can be reduced, which allows processing with high throughput.; Further, because the liquid can constantly exist on the image plane side of the projection optical system, generation of water marks on optical members of the projection optical system on the image plane side is prevented.

Stage drive method and stage drive apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device producing method
Application Number
EP20050704182 20050127
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1713113 (A1)
Application Date
January 27, 2005
Publication Date
October 18, 2006
Shibazaki Yuichi
Nippon Kogaku
G03F 07/20
H01L 21/02
G03F 07/20
H01L 21/027
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