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A wireless communication system ( 100 ) is configured to send signaling messages through a cell broadcast service (CBS). CBS message pages used to transport signaling messages are identified by assigned message identifiers. Mobile devices ( 114 ) within the communication system ( 100 ) recognize the CBS messages transporting signaling messages by the message identifiers and pass the signaling messages to an appropriate application or control program module. The message identifier may be used to specify the application or control program module to process the signaling message. The signaling messages transported by the CBS may be used in controlling a multicasting or broadcasting service. Duplicate copies of the CBS message pages may be transmitted and then buffered at the mobile device ( 114 ) as they are received until all parts of the signaling message have been received.

Method and apparatus for interchanging and processing mobile radio subsystem control information
Application Number
EP20040795444 20041018
Publication Number
1676383 (A2)
Application Date
October 18, 2004
Publication Date
July 5, 2006
Chen Bonnie
Howell Stephen A
Andersen Niels Peter Skov
Pecen Mark E
H04J 03/26
H04W 04/06
H04J 03/26
H04W 04/06
H04J 03/26
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