1672965-A1 is referenced by 2 patents and cites 3 patents.

Electrical hair care appliance (1) with an ion generating device has fiber bundle with multiple electrically conducting stiff fibers of small diameter. The electrode unit (6) is arranged within the area of application side opening (10) of the mounting whereby the ion emitting end of fiber bundle (8) is arranged within the mounting (7). At least one electrically conducting element (14) of the same polarity as that of the fibers of fiber bundle features as conducting electrode.

Hair-care applicance with an ion generator device
Application Number
EP20050110772 20051115
Publication Number
1672965 (A1)
Application Date
November 15, 2005
Publication Date
June 21, 2006
Hafemann Klaus
Wik Far East
A45D 20/00
A45D 01/00
H05F 03/00
A45D 20/50
A45D 01/04
H05F 03/04
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