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A delivery head (1) for espresso coffee machines comprises a top supporting element pivoted to a bottom supporting element in turn made rigid with the machine body, said bottom supporting element comprising an infusion recess (9) provided for receiving a coffee holding capsule (10), said delivery head further comprising an operating lever (11) operating at least one of the support elements to define at least an open position for loading and unloading the coffee capsule, and a coffee delivery closed position, said head including perforating means (17) for progressively perforating the capsule and capsule ejecting means.

Delivery head for espresso coffee machines
Application Number
EP20050005104 20050309
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Application Date
March 9, 2005
Publication Date
June 14, 2006
Castellani Andrea
Saeco Internat Group S P A
A47J 31/40
A47J 31/06
A47J 31/06
A47J 31/40
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