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The invention relates to a shearing machine for transversally dividing especially a heavy steel plate, said shearing machine comprising an upper blade (3) which carries out a rolling cutting movement by means of an eccentric drive (8) and is held in a blade carrier (1), and a lower blade (4) which is arranged in the frame of the shearing machine (2) in a fixed manner, the upper blade carrier (1) being displaceably connected to a stand (6) of the shearing machine frame (2) by means of an articulated guiding element (5). A device for the clocked advance of a pre-determinable length of the steel plate is associated with the shearing machine, especially in the form of at least one driving element. The aim of the invention is to improve the stability of the shearing machine and thus the quality of the cut.; To this end, the shearing machine is arranged between lateral stands (6, 6') of the shearing machine frame (2) which is closed by an upper traverse (7) and a lower traverse (7'). The eccentric drive (8, 8') of the upper blade (3) is arranged in the upper region of said frame, and bearings (10, 10') and driving bodies (11) of lower driving rolls (12, 12') are arranged in the lower region of said frame, in addition to a lower blade table (9) which is anchored between the stands (6, 6').

Shearing machine for transversally dividing a heavy plate by means of an eccentric drive
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EP20030789277 20031215
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1572408 (A1)
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December 15, 2003
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September 14, 2005
Baur Thomas
Heitze Gerhard
Sms Demag
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