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A suture anchor system for repairing torn or damaged tissue is provided and generally includes a first suture anchor having at least one length of suture attached thereto, and a second suture anchor having at least one length of suture attached thereto. Each length of suture is coupled to one another such that a distance between the first and second suture anchors with respect to each other can be selectively adjustable. The suture anchor system also preferably includes at least one slip knot that allows the first and second suture anchors to be maintained in a fixed position with respect to one another. In use, the suture anchors can be deployed through tissue to be repaired and into the anchoring tissue at a position spaced apart from one another by a selected distance.; The suture length(s) can then be tensioned to re-approximate the torn or damaged tissue toward the anchoring tissue, thereby securely attached the torn tissue to the anchoring tissue.

Devices for repairing tissue
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EP20050251059 20050223
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1568326 (A1)
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February 23, 2005
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August 31, 2005
Battles Christopher A
Fromm Stuart
Mack Debra
May Thomas C
Selvitelli David
Depuy Mitek
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A61B 17/04
A61B 17/04
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