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Method for metallizing a component, comprising a first part (1), made of a first material (e.g. polymer), and a second part (2), made of a second material (e.g. polymer). A metallizing seed layer (6), e.g. catalytic to the subsequent chemical metallization process, is applied at the surface of the component, after which the surface of the component, including the metallizing seed layer, is exposed to a solvent (7) in which the surface of the first part (1) is, and the surface of the second part (2) is not soluble. In a following step the surface of the component is exposed to a metallizing environment (9) that, however, will only be metallized on the surface of the second component part.

Method for metallizing a component comprising parts of different non-metallic materials
Application Number
EP20030078289 20031017
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1524331 (A1)
Application Date
October 17, 2003
Publication Date
April 20, 2005
Tacken Roland Anthony
C23C 18/38
C23C 18/31
C23C 18/16
C23C 18/20
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C23C 18/18
C23C 18/16
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