1494100-A1 is referenced by 2 patents and cites 8 patents.

Control device has multiple inputs for receiving multiple input actual values, multiple outputs for output of digital output values that depend on the input values, a memory unit for storing set values and an assignment unit for assigning a digital output to a digital output unit based on a comparison of actual and set values. In the memory unit, at least one set point value is set to an independent state valve such that only actual and set values are compared where the set value does not match the independent state value. - An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is made for a method for controlling a control device.

Method and apparatus for parametrisable control
Application Number
EP20030014878 20030630
Publication Number
1494100 (A1)
Application Date
June 30, 2003
Publication Date
January 5, 2005
Behringer Klaus
G05B 19/045
G05B 19/04
G05B 19/045
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