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A method of administering a drug whereby a fine drug powder can be accurately administered to a target site (in particular, a target site in the body cavity) via fluidization and spraying with a gas by using a micro tube. Concerning the administration mode, in particular, the drug alone or a biopolymer is administered or the biopolymer is employed as a carrier in the above method. More specifically speaking, a method of administering a fine drug powder which comprises finely milling one or more types fine particles of the drug and/or the biopolymer, blending them each other, fluidizing the blend with a gas, then transporting the fluidized matter in a micro tube by the gas stream and spraying the fine drug powder from the tip of the micro tube toward the target site.; Further, an administration method which comprises concentrically providing a capillary tube in the micro tube, supplying an aqueous solution of the drug and/or the biopolymer from the capillary tube into the gas stream and then mixing it with other fine particles of the drug and/or the biopolymer under transportation by the gas.

Drug administration method
Application Number
EP20030705264 20030218
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1477119 (A1)
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February 18, 2003
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November 17, 2004
Suzuki Shigeki
New X Nat Technology
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A61M 13/00
A61K 09/12
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