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A method of making a refastenable, pant-like, disposable absorbent article includes attaching a pair of opposed side panels (48) to the side edges of an absorbent chassis (28) such that they extend laterally outward from and between the front and back waist regions of the article. One of the side margins of each side panel (48) is permanently attached to the side edge of the absorbent chassis (28) in one of the waist regions and the other side margin of each side panel (48) is refastenably attached to the side edge of the absorbent chassis (28) in the opposite waist region. The side panels (48) are refastenably attached before the article is packaged to provide the pant-like disposable absorbent article.

Method of making refastenable, pant-like disposable absorbent articles
Application Number
EP20040009102 19991214
Publication Number
1470808 (A2)
Application Date
December 14, 1999
Publication Date
October 27, 2004
Blenke Timothy James
Vogt Robert Eugene
Kimberly Clark Co
A61F 13/15
A61F 13/15
A61F 13/15
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