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There is provided a method of manufacturing a tire wherein a uniformity of a tire having a reinforcing rubber layer of substantially a crescent-shaped section between a carcass and an innerliner and capable of mainly running at a run-flat state is improved by transferring a carcass band prior to turning of a carcass member around a bead core to a green tire building drum of a cylindrical form from outside in a radial direction, holding the bead core by the green tire building drum, deforming a main body portion of the carcass, turning a turnup portion thereof, attaching an innerliner rubber 12 onto an outer periphery of a first band building drum in a cylindrical form,; relatively reducing a size of a reinforcing rubber overlap region of the innerliner rubber 12 every axial position by two times a thickness of the reinforcing rubber substantially corresponding to such a position as compared with a reinforcing rubber non-corresponding region, and then attaching a reinforcing rubber 13 onto the relatively size-reduced outer periphery of the reinforcing rubber overlap region of the innerliner rubber.

Method of manufacturing a tire
Application Number
EP20020760772 20020828
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1433591 (A1)
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August 28, 2002
Publication Date
June 30, 2004
Tokunaga Toshio
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