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The device comprises an autoclave (2) defining a sterilisation chamber (3) for the items to be sterilised, and a single exhaust duct (13), provided with a cooling pipe coil (15a) and a suction pump (17) and through which the condensate, steam and exhaust air of the chamber (3) are caused to pass. The duct (13) discharges into an exhaust tank (14) disposed within the sterilizer container, and does not pass through the water-feeding tank (4) that is therefore devoid of a cooling pipe coil. The process involves at least one step of cooling the exhaust duct (13) and the pipe coil (15a) during evacuation of the sterilisation chamber (3).

Device and process for steam sterilisation
Application Number
EP20030026743 20031121
Publication Number
1424084 (A1)
Application Date
November 21, 2003
Publication Date
June 2, 2004
Tosi Daniele Marino
Piazzalunga Gianfranco
M O Com S R L
A61L 02/07
A61L 02/04
A61L 02/07
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