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In an embodiment, a composite signaling message part is formed to include at least two segments (500), each segment (500) including data identifying a different user equipment (UE). In another embodiment, a different portion of a composite signaling message part is transmitted over at least one same time slot in each of the shared control channels; the part including at least two segments (510, 530) and each segment (510, 530) including data identifying a different user equipment (UE). In these embodiments, the part further includes a cyclic redundancy code (550), (CRC) generated by jointly encoding the at least two segments (510, 530).; In a further aspect of the method, more than one shared control channel jointly carrying a signaling message are power controlled such that each shared control channel carrying more data associated with one of the UEs is power controlled in accordance with that UE. In a still further embodiment, the channelized code information for a dedicated control channel is divided between first and second parts of the shared control signals.

Shared signaling for multiple user equipment
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EP20030251716 20030319
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1351538 (A1)
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March 19, 2003
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October 8, 2003
Su Hsuan Jung
Sampath Ashwin
Khan Farooq Ullah
Das Arnab
Lucent Technologies
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