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A fan and shroud assembly includes a fan has a hub rotating around one shaft and a plurality of blades extending outwardly from the hub, a shroud encompassing the fan to adjust airflow by rotation of the fan, a guide ring portion located at a position where a predetermined gap exists between the shroud and a circumference connecting end tips of the blades so that the fan coupled to the shroud rotates, and a plurality of swirl prevention units integrally formed with the guide ring portion to prevent a motion of vortex proceeding along a circumference connecting end tips of the blades between the guide ring portion and the circumference, each swirl prevention unit having a shape in which the length of a circular arc passing each of the swirl prevention units with respect to the center of the shroud decreases as the arc is closer to the center of the shroud.

Fan assembly
Application Number
EP20030004447 20030227
Publication Number
1340921 (A2)
Application Date
February 27, 2003
Publication Date
September 3, 2003
Park Se Young
Park Chang Ho
Min Ok Ryul
Cho Kyung Seok
Halla Climate Control
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