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A method and system direct, in an IP space network, a request message from a first user station to a second user station that has been ported from an old URL address to a new URL address. A domain redirect server stores data correlating the old address to the new address. The request message including the old address is sent from the first user station in the IP space network. Then, move of the second user station from the old address is detected, the URL address of the domain redirect server is provided in response to detection of this move, and the request message comprising the old address is directed to the domain redirect server. The new address of the second user station is found in the domain redirect server from his old address, and the request message is redirected to this new address.

Domain name portability
Application Number
EP20010978047 20011029
Publication Number
1330909 (A2)
Application Date
October 29, 2001
Publication Date
July 30, 2003
Surdila Sorin
Foti George
Ericsson Telefon L M
H04L 29/12
H04L 29/12
H04L 29/12
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