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Resin-coated proppant particles are suspended in a fracturing fluid and deposited in a subterranean fracture and consolidated into high strength permeable masses. As the fractures are formed, a liquid hardenable resin component is continuously mixed with a liquid hardening agent component on-the-fly to form a hardenable resin composition. The hardenable resin composition is continuously coated onto dry proppant particles on-the-fly to form resin composition coated proppant particles, and the resin composition coated proppant particles are continuously suspended in the fracturing fluid on-the-fly.

Resin-coated proppant for subterranean fractures
Application Number
EP20030250030 20030106
Publication Number
1326003 (A1)
Application Date
January 6, 2003
Publication Date
July 9, 2003
Barton Johnny A
Nguyen Philip D
Halliburton Energy Serv
E21B 43/267
E21B 43/02
C09K 08/60
E21B 43/02
C09K 08/80
C09K 08/62
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