A pneumatic actuator system including one or more piston-cylinder type actuators (14) intended for crust breaking operations at electrolytic alumina reduction baths, each actuator (14) having a working piston (21), and a piston rod (22) carrying a crust breaking working implement (17), and a control circuit including a directional valve (24) is arranged to operate the actuator piston (21) in alternative directions, wherein the control circuit comprises air feed flow restrictions (26, 27), end position sensors (28, 29) and air feed shut-off valves (30, 31) for minimising the pressure air volume needed for accomplishing complete working strokes of the actuator piston (21) at varying crust layer thickness.

Pneumatic actuator system
Application Number
EP20010958760 20010810
Publication Number
1311767 (A1)
Application Date
August 10, 2001
Publication Date
May 21, 2003
Gustavsson Stig Erling
Casinge Tom Allan
Parker Hannifin Aktiebolag
F15B 15/22
F15B 21/00
F15B 11/00
C25C 03/00
F15B 21/14
F15B 11/15
F15B 11/042
C25C 03/14
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