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The present invention relates to a data processing system and method and, more particularly, to a computer aided telephony system and method which uses RTSP and associated protocols to support voice applications and audio processing by various, distributed, speech processing engines. Since RTSP is used to distribute the tasks to be performed by the speech processing engines, a distributed and scalable system can be realised. Furthermore, the integration of third party speech processing engines is greatly simplified due to the RTSP or HTTP interface to those engines.

Streaming audio under voice control
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EP20010410149 20011108
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1311102 (A1)
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November 8, 2001
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May 14, 2003
Rosset Jean Michel
Hewlett Packard Co
H04M 03/493
H04M 03/487
H04L 29/08
H04L 29/06
H04M 03/493
H04L 29/08
H04L 29/06
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