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The present invention relates to an infusion - suction (I/a) cassette (20) provided with suction system having both a peristaltic or volumetric pump (21) and a pressure sensitive (or Venturi) pump (30), comprising a fluid suction line (27) from the surgical handpiece, a vacuum sensor (22), a valve (29) blocking the passive suction, a collection tank (25), a feeding line (28) for a sterile irrigation solution, a first passage valve (23) for the irrigation solution and a second valve (24) for interruption of the passage of the irrigation solution, a handpiece irrigation line (26), a peristaltic or in any case volumetric line(21), about which the suction line passes, and a pressure sensitive pump (30), connected to the suction line (27) by a vacuum sensor (22), activation of the peristaltic or in any case volumetric pump (21); involving the closure of said passive suction blocking valve (29) and the activation of said pressure sensitive pump (30), the activation of the pressure sensitive pump (30) involving the deactivation of the peristaltic or in any case volumetric pump (21), with the interruption of the suction line (31) about the same, and consequent deviation of the suction line through said passive suction blocking valve (29).

Infusion-suction cassette with two suction-pumps
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EP20020425677 20021106
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1310267 (A2)
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November 6, 2002
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May 14, 2003
Eibenschutz Marco
Angelini Giampiero
Optikon 2000 S P A
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