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New processes and apparatus for forming lap seams and making prefastened disposable absorbent articles are disclosed. The apparatus can include an interior folding mechanism adapted to position a first panel in an interior position and an exterior folding mechanism adapted to position a second panel in an exterior position relative to the interior position. The interior folding mechanism can include a mandrel defining a curved peripheral surface and an interior forming shoulder in proximity to the mandrel. A fluid pressure device can establish an air flow between the mandrel and the interior forming shoulder. The forming shoulder can modify the direction of the air flow as the first panel travels in a machine direction to increasingly fold the panel over the curved peripheral surface.

Method and apparatus for forming a lap seam
Application Number
EP20010937466 20010516
Publication Number
1289465 (A2)
Application Date
May 16, 2001
Publication Date
March 12, 2003
Maxton David Albert
Coenen Joseph Daniel
Tomsovic Charles Robert
Kimberly Clark Co
A61F 13/15
A61F 13/15
A61F 13/15
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