A high availability, high reliability storage system (215) that leverages rapid advances in commodity computing devices and the robust nature of internetwork technology such as the Internet (213). A system of parity distribution (505) in accordance with the present invention allows for greater fault tolerance and levels of storage efficiency than possible with conventional RAID (levels 0-5) paradigms. Data can be recovered or made available even in the case of loss of N, N+1, or more devices or storage elements (215) over which stripes of the data set have been distributed or partitioned. The present invention provides a parity distribution that can be used to distribute data stored in a single storage device or across multiple connected or otherwise networked devices.

System and method for data protection with multidimensional parity
Application Number
EP20010923278 20010214
Publication Number
1269316 (A1)
Application Date
February 14, 2001
Publication Date
January 2, 2003
Hamilton Felix
Moulton Gregory Hagan
G06F 11/10
G06F 11/10
G06F 11/10
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