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Efficient data communication in wireless communication system is provided by using centralized control of data communications, such as packet switched services, over the uplink channel (mobile station (MS) to base station (BS)). A multiple access protocol is used where packet data mobile stations make requests for uplink channel resources. The request messages transmitted by the MSs inform the BS of service parameters. Examples of such service parameters are available transmit power at the MS, the amount of data to transmit and Quality of Service (QoS). The BS then processes the received request messages and performs interference management calculations to determine the portion of the BS's receive power budget that can be allocated to the data user requesting service. These calculations are used to control the amount of interference seen at the base station, to assign a data rate to the user and to aid scheduling algorithms in computing service order priorities. Any scheduling algorithm may be used; for example, scheduling may be based on the amount of data to be transmitted, the age of the data or the service priority associated with the mobile station. The interference control is used to prevent the occurrence of catastrophic levels of interference while maximizing the utilization of resources on the uplink.

Method to control uplink transmissions in a wireless communication system
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EP20010309732 20011119
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1257140 (A1)
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November 19, 2001
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November 13, 2002
Sundaram Ganapathy Subramanian
Rudrapatna Ashok N
Kadaba Srinivas R
Gopalakrishnan Nandu
Lucent Technologies
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