1227467-A2 is referenced by 27 patents and cites 5 patents.

A light emitting device is provided, in which a change of luminance of an OLED is suppressed and a desired color display can be stably performed even if an organic light emitting layer is somewhat deteriorated or an environmental temperature is varied. Separately from a pixel portion for displaying an image, a pixel portion for measuring a driving current of the OLED is provided in the light emitting device. The driving current is measured in the pixel portion for measuring the driving current of the OLED, and a value of the voltage supplied to the above two pixel portions from a variable power supply is corrected such that the measured driving current has a reference value. With the above-described structure, a reduction of the luminance accompanied with the deterioration of the organic light emitting layer can be suppressed. As a result, a clear image can be displayed.

Light emitting device with current control
Application Number
EP20020001895 20020128
Publication Number
1227467 (A2)
Application Date
January 28, 2002
Publication Date
July 31, 2002
Iwabuchi Tomoyuki
Inukai Kazutaka
Semiconductor Energy Lab
G09G 03/32
G09G 03/32
G09G 03/30
G09G 03/32
G09G 03/30
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