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The present invention refers to a communication system having a network (1) and a plurality of user terminals (2,3,4) that are coupled to the network via a communication channel using wireless radio frequency transmission and having a downlink channel for transmitting messages in the direction from the network to the user terminals wherein the downlink channel comprises a paging channel for transmission of paging messages in paging frames for initiating communication with a user terminal allocated to a paging group of a plurality of user terminals, and a paging indicator channel for transmission of a paging indicator belonging to the paging group when there is a paging message for the user terminal belonging to the paging group,; wherein the user terminal processes the next paging frame transmitted on the paging channel to see whether there is a paging message intended for it when the paging indicator has been transmitted on the paging indicator channel, and wherein the paging message on the paging channel comprises a point-to-multipointmulticast (PTM-M) group identifier to identify a PTM-M group.

Communication system having implemented point-to-multipoint-multicast function
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EP20000126969 20001208
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1213939 (A1)
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December 8, 2000
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June 12, 2002
Li Zhu
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