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The present invention concerns a method for determining the efficiency of the amplification of a target nucleic acid comprising the following steps: (i) preparation of a dilution series of the target nucleic acid, (ii) amplifying the target nucleic acid under defined reaction conditions, the amplification being measured in real-time (iii) setting a defined signal threshold value, (iv) determining the cycle number at which the signal threshold value is exceeded for various dilutions, (v) determining the amplification efficiency as a function of the amount of original target nucleic acid. The present invention also concerns a method for the quantification of a target nucleic acid in a sample in which the efficiency of the amplification reaction is determined in this manner and is taken into account in the quantification.

Method for determining the efficiency of nucleic acid amplifications
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EP20010107738 20010402
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1138784 (A2)
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April 2, 2001
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October 4, 2001
Gutekunst Martin Dr
Soong Richie Dr
Sagner Gregor Dr
Tabiti Karim Dr
Roche Diagnostics
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