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A method and apparatus for protecting smart cards against simple and differential power attacks when they are inserted into card readers controlled by other entities. The technique is particularly useful in financial applications such as ATM cards, credit cards, and electronic wallets, in which cards have to be inserted into card readers which may be specifically manufactured or modified to perform undetectable measurements of the power supplied to the card during its normal operation. The basic technique is to use two capacitors embedded in the smart card in such a way that at any given time one of them is charged by the external power supply and the other one is discharged by powering the smart card chip.; The roles of the two capacitors alternate rapidly, and the power supply is detached from the smart card chip in the sense that external power measurements do not reveal information about its internal operations.

Protecting smart cards from power analysis with detached power supplies
Application Number
EP20000128471 20001223
Publication Number
1113386 (A2)
Application Date
December 23, 2000
Publication Date
July 4, 2001
Shamir Adi
Yeda Res And Dev An Isr
G06K 19/073
H04L 09/10
G06K 19/073
H04L 09/10
G06K 19/073
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