1103462-A1 is referenced by 20 patents and cites 13 patents.

An inlet ice protection system (60), and methods for making and using ice protection systems. The inlet (50) includes an acoustic liner (70a,70b) having a perforated face sheet (71a,71b), a perforated back sheet (72a,72b), and an acoustic core (75a,75b) between the face sheet and the back sheet. The perforations through the face sheet are sized to allow acoustic energy to be transmitted to and dissipated in the acoustic core, and the perforations in the back sheet are sized to transmit hot gas through the acoustic liner to the surface of the inlet to heat the inlet and prevent and/or restrict ice formation on the inlet. The face sheet can have a higher porosity than the back sheet, and both the sheets and the core can be formed from titanium to withstand high gas temperatures.

Method and apparatus for aircraft inlet ice protection
Application Number
EP20000204171 20001123
Publication Number
1103462 (A1)
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November 23, 2000
Publication Date
May 30, 2001
Riedel Brian L
Kunze Robert K Jr
Olsen Ronald F
Breer Marlin D
Boeing Co
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B64C 01/40
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F02C 07/04
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