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By allowing each of terminal devices of sellers and buyers and a host to intercommunicate with each other, it is made to be possible to execute processing of a cross dealing by pre-engagement based on buying information issued by the buyers, to execute processing of a cross dealing by pre-engagement based on selling information issued by the sellers, and to execute processing of a dealing for making a conclusion sequentially from a first agreement between the buying information and the selling information after collating pieces of buying information and pieces of selling information. As described above, so called a future dealing on a network is enabled, whereby it is the buyers and the sellers needs not to go to a wholesales market, and they can make their selling plan and purchasing plan. Thus, they can perform dealings for goods by their own terminal devices.; Accordingly, it is possible to give to the seller and the buyer chances of a selling and a purchasing which have not existed until now, so that an effective dealing that has not been performed can be performed.

Commodity exchanging apparatus, commodity exchanging system, commodity exchanging method and storage medium
Application Number
EP19980957206 19981207
Publication Number
1067471 (A1)
Application Date
December 7, 1998
Publication Date
January 10, 2001
Shibazaki Takikazu
Saito Yuko
Nakamuta Tetsuya
Muranaka Masanobu
Takekuma Toshiya
Nippon Steel
G06F 17/60
G06Q 30/00
G06Q 30/00
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