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The invention relates to a method of manufacturing a product derived from mineral waste, which product is usable, for example, in the construction industry, in which method the mineral waste is mixed with calcium aluminate cement and water, producing an ettringite-forming mortar, wherein a) the anion content in the mineral waste is compared with a predetermined value, and in the event of said value being exceeded, a wash treatment is performed at a pH higher than approximately 10; b) after the optional wash treatment the mineral waste, the calcium aluminate cement, and the water are mixed with a standard cement; c) subsequently the ensuing mixture is allowed to set.

Method for manufacturing a product from mineral wastes and mortar obtained with such method
Application Number
EP20000201984 20000606
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1059273 (A1)
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June 6, 2000
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December 13, 2000
Vogels Roland Jacobus Martinus
Kuhn Maximiliaan Michael Henri
Afvalzorg Holding
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