1057460-A1 is referenced by 322 patents and cites 5 patents.

A replacement heart valve assembly (10) includes an intravascular radially expandable stent (14) and a biological valve (18) which is secured to the stent. The stent/valve assembly is positioned onto the inflatable portion (16) of a balloon catheter (20) and percutaneously implanted into a body lumen. The stent is made from a highly malleable material which allows localized plastic deformation and further allows subsequent radial reexpansion of the stent/valve assembly as needed. The biological valve is, for example, a harvested bovine jugular valve which can be adapted for use as a replacement for a malfunctioning human pulmonary valve.

Replacement valve assembly and method of implanting same
Application Number
EP20000420007 20000118
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1057460 (A1)
Application Date
January 18, 2000
Publication Date
December 6, 2000
Bonhoeffer Philippe
Tower Allen J
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