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A clamping device with an articulated lever comprises a body (3) and a lever (10) projecting from the body (3) through a slot (13). The lever (10) is connected by means of a toggle joint (9) to an operating rod (7) of a pneumatic actuator cylinder (5) and is mounted for pivoting about an axis (A) so that it can move to and fro along the slot (13) between a plurality of configurations at least one of which corresponds to a restraining configuration of the lever (10). Closure means (31; 33) associated with the slot (13) for closing the slot when the lever (10) is in any angular position include a cover element (31; 33) which is rotatable coaxially about the axis of pivoting of the lever (10) and is coupled for rotation with the lever (10).

A clamping device with an articulated lever
Application Number
EP20000102316 20000203
Publication Number
1025950 (A2)
Application Date
February 3, 2000
Publication Date
August 9, 2000
Piccolo Lio
Varetto Ener
Vep Automation
B23K 37/04
B23K 37/04
B23K 37/04
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