0974643-A1 is referenced by 2 patents and cites 12 patents.

The anaerobic degradation of organic waste is carried out by mixing fresh material with a fermentation material and a high content of dry matter. After the material has been added, the matter is dried, circulated and brought into the methane formation zone, preferably at half the height of the substrate layer. An Independent claim is included for an organic waste processing assembly with a charging circuit (2) opening over the substrate layer (10) in the reaction vessel (1).

Procédé et installation pour la dégradation anaérobique de déchets organiques avec production de biogaz
Application Number
EP19990890239 19990716
Publication Number
0974643 (A1)
Application Date
July 16, 1999
Publication Date
January 26, 2000
Rassaerts Heinz Dipl Ing Dr Te
Innovative Umwelttechnik Ges M
C12M 01/107
C12M 01/107
C12M 01/107
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