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A method and system for tracking subscriber use of a network, such as an interactive media delivery network, which delivers programming to set top boxes coupled to a display device is disclosed. The system tracks events, including any change in status of a set top box caused by a change in programming or channel or a subscriber's activation and interaction with a particular interactive services application. Each application forms an event record comprising the application ID, event and time stamp. Collected event records are buffered, compressed, formed into packets and transmitted to a merge processor that combines event records with content data that describes the programming content distributed throughout the network.; The event records and content data are merged to form event timelines for each subscriber's set top box that show subscriber activity or programming played to a subscriber over a selected time period.

Method and system for tracking network use
Application Number
EP19980901169 19980105
Publication Number
0965192 (A1)
Application Date
January 5, 1998
Publication Date
December 22, 1999
Danner Fred Thomas Iii
Batten John Christopher
Grauch Edward Rowland
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H04N 07/173
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