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A method of manufacturing a stamper for producing optical discs, which method comprises the application of a photoresist film to a substrate and the subsequent structuring of said photoresist film by exposing and developing said photoresist film. Said method is characterized in that an electrically conducting substrate is used, wherein the photoresist film that has been structured onto the substrate is subjected to a passivation treatment, the thus passivated substrate, which is provided with a structured photoresist film, is subjected to a galvanic treatment for the purpose of forming a nickel layer thereon, after which the nickel layer thus formed is separated from the substrate so as to obtain the stamper. The present invention furthermore relates to a stamper thus obtained and to an optical disc obtained by means of such a stamper.

A method of manufacturing a stamper, a stamper obtained by carrying out such a method as well as an optical disc obtained by using such a stamper
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EP19990201182 19990416
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0955632 (A1)
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April 16, 1999
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November 10, 1999
Tacken Roland Anthony
Od & Me
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