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A computer subsystem of a computer includes a CPU (120), RAM, display (110), storage device (114), input device(s), and a digital-audio generating IC (130). A CD-ROM subsystem of the computer includes a CD-ROM drive (138) and CD-ROM control buttons (142) for controlling CD-ROM drive's operation while playing audio CDs. An audio-interface IC (102) of the CD-ROM subsystem couples a bus of the computer subsystem to the CD-ROM drive, and to the control buttons. The audio-interface IC, in one operating mode, relays commands and data between the bus and the CD-ROM drive. A second operating mode permits turning the computer subsystem off while the audio-interface IC autonomously responds to the control buttons and transmits commands to the CD-ROM drive for playing an audio CD.

Low power cd-rom player for portable computers
Application Number
EP19990301798 19990310
Publication Number
0945778 (A2)
Application Date
March 10, 1999
Publication Date
September 29, 1999
Reynoso Aaron
Lam James
Du Sterling
Chan Regina
O2 Micro International
G06F 01/32
G11B 19/02
G06F 01/32
G11B 19/02
G06F 01/32
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