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The invention relates to a vehicle and a folding top. The folding top (5) comprises a top cover (6) of flexible material fitted to extend at least over the luggage compartment (2) when the top is in its closed position, limiting the luggage compartment in the vertical direction, a U-shaped rear bow (7), to which the rear edge of the top cover is attached and which comprises a substantially horizontal transverse arm (8) and two substantially forward directed arms (9) at the ends of the transverse arm, the front ends (10) of said two arms (9) being connected to joints allowing a turning motion relative to the body, and which rear bow can be turned between a lowered closed position, in which the rear bow leans against the body and tailgate in close contact with them, and a raised open position.; The top comprises a power means (11) for raising and lowering the rear bow (7), and an operating switch (12) disposed in the immediate vicinity of the tailgate (4) for activating the power means.

Vehicle and folding top for a vehicle
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EP19980660116 19981104
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0938994 (A2)
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November 4, 1998
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September 1, 1999
Mattila Veijo
Kinnanen Matti
Kiiski Esa
Hyytiae Olli
Valmet Automotive Oy
B60J 07/12
B60J 07/08
B60J 07/12
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