0911738-A2 is referenced by 73 patents and cites 3 patents.

An improved disk drive (DD) is described in which an encryption/decryption circuit (4) is provided, connected to read/write means (9,13) of the drive, for encrypting data to be written onto, and decrypting data to be read from, the disk(s) (11). The drive control includes permanent security control features for restricting read/write access to the disk(s) (11) via the encryption/decryption circuit, for at least the data content of data files to be written thereto or read therefrom. Password-dependent security control is also provided which activates the encryption/decryption circuit only in response to receipt of a valid password input by a user, so that read/write access to the disk(s), in relation to at least the data content of data files, is restricted to holders of a valid password.

Disk drive with embedded data encryption
Application Number
EP19980308620 19981021
Publication Number
0911738 (A2)
Application Date
October 21, 1998
Publication Date
April 28, 1999
Jackson Trevor David
Calluna Tech
G06F 12/14
G06F 21/00
G06F 21/00
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