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An integrated optical biopsy forceps device and a method for tissue identification by optical analysis and biopsy sampling at a site within the body. The device includes an elongated catheter body for introduction into the body and navigation to an area of interest. An optical fiber extends through the device, from the proximal end, where it may be connected to electro-optical spectral analysis equipment, to a distal tip for illuminating and receiving light energy from tissue at the location of the tip. The distal end of the device has a pair of cutting jaws pivotally mounted at the distal end of the catheter body and controlled by control wires extending through the catheter body to a control handle at the proximal end, or by the optical fiber. The device may be spectroscopically guided to a site of interest within the body.; The fiber tip is positioned coaxially with the jaws at the zone of contact and cutting of the jaws, and is retracted as the jaws close, so that the biopsy sample is taken exactly at the spot being viewed by the optical fiber.

Optical biopsy forceps
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EP19970922685 19970507
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0910284 (A1)
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May 7, 1997
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April 28, 1999
Mcmahon Brian T
Sutton Gregg S
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