0879742-A1 is referenced by 411 patents and cites 5 patents.

This new method connects a cable section (10) to a fastening termination (12) for a vehicle passenger restraint system. The cable section of desired characteristics, is given a plastic casing (14). This is then heated and the fastener is pressed onto the heated part. Preferably the plastic casing is extruded, is heat shrink tubing or is pushed on. It has high dimensional accuracy in respect of its thickness, preferably plus or minus 0.05 mm. It is highly temperature-resistant.

Method of manufacturing a cable portion with a fastening member for a vehicle occupant restraint system and cable portion manufactured by using the method
Application Number
EP19980108434 19980508
Publication Number
0879742 (A1)
Application Date
May 8, 1998
Publication Date
November 25, 1998
Wier Franz
Trw Repa
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