0871241-A2 is referenced by 146 patents and cites 4 patents.

A lens antenna having high antenna efficiency, low sidelobe levels, and that is easily assembled. The lens antenna includes a first horn made of a metallic conductor, a second horn made of a high-frequency absorbing plastic material, and a lens for controlling the power distribution at an aperature of the horn. Screws may be used to assemble the first horn, the second horn, and the lens. Though some of the microwave signals input through the circular waveguide of the first horn are reflected on the surface of the lens, most of the microwave signals are absorbed by the second horn. Moreover, because no wave absorber is bonded to an inner wall of a conical horn, nothing screens the microwave signal, the power density distribution at the aperture of the lens is not disrupted. Therefore, it is possible to obtain a desired power density distribution.

Lens antenna
Application Number
EP19980106481 19980408
Publication Number
0871241 (A2)
Application Date
April 8, 1998
Publication Date
October 14, 1998
Tanabe Kosuke
Nippon Electric Co
H01Q 19/08
H01Q 19/00
H01Q 13/00
H01Q 17/00
H01Q 19/09
H01Q 19/08
H01Q 19/06
H01Q 13/02
H01Q 17/00
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