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The invention relates to an arrangement for mobile telephony and more exactly an arrangement to utilize mobile telephone systems in office telephony applications. The invention especially can make possible a combination of local mobility under a private branch exchange (PBX) and ordinary mobile telephony with the same terminal, i.e. mobile telephone. According to the invention the arrangement has a subsystem which includes a base station system (BSS) which is of mobile telephony type for communication with mobile terminals, a mobility server to handle the base station system and provide access to at least one public telecommunications system (PSTN) and one private branch exchange (PBX) to provide PBX-functions in the subsystem. The mobile terminals by that will become mobile locally under the private branch exchange.; Preferably the mobility server also provides access to at least one public mobile telephone system (PLMN), at which the mobile terminals are also mobile under the public mobile telephone system.

Arrangement for mobile telephony
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EP19980850030 19980309
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0865219 (A2)
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March 9, 1998
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September 16, 1998
Bjoerk Christer
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