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A subterranean formation is treated with a particulate laden fluid whereby particulate flowback is reduced or prevented. The method includes the steps of providing a fluid suspension including a mixture of a particulate upon which at least a partial coating of a tackifying compound is formed as a result of admixture of the tackifying compound therewith, pumping the suspension into a subterranean formation and depositing the mixture within the formation whereby the tackifying compound retards movement of at least a portion of the particulate within the formation upon flow of fluids from the subterranean formation. The tackifying compound is produced by reaction of a polyacid, polyorganophosphate, polyphosphonate, polysulfate, polycarboxylate or polysilicate, and a metal ion.

Control of particulate flowback in subterranean wells
Application Number
EP19970307805 19971002
Publication Number
0859125 (A1)
Application Date
October 2, 1997
Publication Date
August 19, 1998
Dewprashad Brahmadeo
Nguyen Philip D
Stanford James R
Weaver Jim D
Halliburton Energy Serv
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