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A shooting video game machine includes a monitor screen (11); a light source near the monitor screen (14,15); a mock gun (20) having an area sensor (24) for capturing an image of a certain area including the light source; a light source position detection unit (16) for repeatedly detecting an image capturing position of the light sensor within the image capturing area of the area sensor at a certain frame cycle; and a hit position detection unit for detecting a hit position based on the image capturing position of the light source. Where the light source position detection unit includes a light source address detector for detecting an address of a pixel data corresponding to the light source; a memory temporarily storing the address data detected by the light source address detector; and a light source position calculator for calculating a capturing position of the light source according to the address data stored in the memory in a certain time period.

Shooting video game machine
Application Number
EP19980100317 19980109
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0852961 (A1)
Application Date
January 9, 1998
Publication Date
July 15, 1998
Kobayashi Tatsuya
A63F 09/22
F41G 03/00
A63F 13/02
F41G 03/26
A63F 13/04
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