0848226-A2 is referenced by 78 patents and cites 6 patents.

A model gun for use with a shooting game machine has an imaging device such as an area sensor for imaging spots of infrared radiation having a wavelength outside of the visible wavelength range which are emitted from light sources above a display monitor screen of the shooting game machine. The imaging device is mounted in a housing disposed in a gun casing and having an opening which is open in the direction in which the muzzle of the model gun faces, a bottom wall opposite to the opening, and a circumferential wall extending between the opening and the bottom wall. The housing is supported in a housing chamber defined in the gun casing by shock absorbing rings disposed around the circumferential wall, a shock absorbing ring disk disposed adjacent to the opening, and a shock absorbing ring disk disposed adjacent to the bottom wall.

Model gun for shooting game machine
Application Number
EP19970121680 19971209
Publication Number
0848226 (A2)
Application Date
December 9, 1997
Publication Date
June 17, 1998
Fujimoto Hirofumi
F41A 33/02
F41A 33/00
A63F 13/02
A63F 09/02
F41G 03/00
F41A 33/02
A63F 13/04
A63F 09/02
F41G 03/26
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