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This invention relates to a catheter comprising a tube-like basic body with a proximal and a distal end, at least one balloon member arranged close to the distal end, which can be expanded from a deflated state in which the balloon member has a small diameter to an inflated state in which the balloon member has a larger diameter. The catheter also comprises means for supplying a fluid under pressure to the balloon member in order to expand the latter, wherein the balloon member has, at least in the deflated state, a surface structure incorporating differences in height.

Balloon catheter for placing a stent
Application Number
EP19970203012 19971001
Publication Number
0834293 (A1)
Application Date
October 1, 1997
Publication Date
April 8, 1998
Jansen Wilhelmus Adrianus Petr
Almeleh Raphael
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A61M 25/10
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A61F 02/06
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